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20 y.o Sexy Ameris from Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Hi! My name is Randi but you can call me Kewpie. My life goal at the time is to become a suicide girl. I will have a shoot up for hopefuls in a few weeks so check it out! (I'll let you know when they are up for voting) The key words paint and buttons will get you there. There are 3 preview pics in my friend's only folder so if you want to see them you know what you gotta do. I didn't voluntarily make them 'friends only' but my account was suspended for a few days because of the nudity and the moderators made them only visible to friends. So have fun but don't be a pervert. I currently have 12 piercings and one tattoo. I was invited to hell city by Radeo Suicide so I plan to get a few more tattoos while i'm there. The videos below are some nice encouraging words that the girls said for me. (BTW, I wasn't there so I didn't make them say this lol)

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понедельник, 20 июля 2009 г.

19 y.o. Sweetheartsuicide

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sexy emo from Santa Fe, Texas, United States

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19 y.o. Stephanie

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so silly boy get out my face, my face, why do you like the way regrets taste?


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20 y.o. miss Spook. Emogirl from Brooklyn, New York City

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I have no patience

I'm a pretty hardcore pothead.

I enjoy making clothing. I do not, however, claim to be a model or a designer. It's just a hobby of mine.

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17 y.o. MeggChan - cute emo from from US

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Cool emo girl - big tits!!! From Prairieville, Louisiana, United States
..."THe SeX iS So mUch BeTtER WheN YoUR MaD At ME "

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20 y.o. imperfect from UK

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Nice big tits from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

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16 y.o. RivetheadGurl - young emo girl from LA

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Hi, my name is Iliana for those who don’t know me. I’m a very honest person for some reason I always thought that lying will get u no were so I try not to lie and I do say try because I'm not perfect, no one is. I'm somewhat of a quite girl but if u get me pissed I can be one mean bitch. I like having fun with those I love and being there for them too.

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